What We Do

We support organizations that are building power to achieve a racially and economically just Greater Washington region.

Below, learn more about our core bodies of work and what we seek to support.

What We Do 1
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Our Bodies of Work

The Fund for Black-led Change

Black-led organizing—which centers the leadership and experiences of Black people—is core to building a strong, multi-racial democracy and to the mission of the Meyer Foundation.

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Our Bodies of Work

A Just & Equitable COVID-19 Recovery

COVID-19 has disproportionately hurt Black, indigenous, Latinx, and other communities of color. As we anticipate the end of the pandemic, we know that recovering and rebuilding from COVID-19 does not and should not mean returning to a pre-pandemic “normal.”

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Our Bodies of Work

Reimagining the Social Contract

We believe that the social contract should be inclusive and race-centered, support a just economy that works for people who are most directly affected by racial injustice, and redefine the relationship between systems and the people they serve.

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A Systems Approach

We apply a systems approach to achieve a just, connected, and inclusive Greater Washington. This means our work and the work we support seeks to:

Address Root Causes
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Address the root causes of racial disparities in our region

Change the system

Shift the conditions, policies, practices, priorities, culture, and power to create systems that are equitable and inclusive

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Build the power and leadership of the people most directly affected by inequity based on the unique context of their experiences