A Statement from the Meyer Foundation

June, 2021

Statement by Dr. Charlene Dukes, Meyer Foundation Board Chair

Several years ago, the Meyer Foundation started in on a journey to be more explicit and public in our commitment to racial equity. That commitment, first articulated by Nicky Goren during her tenure as CEO, has led us to one of the clearest articulations of our mission and transformed how we think and act in our role as a Board of Directors, an employer, a community partner, and a grantmaker in the Greater Washington region.

We are proud of the work that we will continue to do with our staff, grantees, partners, and fellow residents. Under Nicky’s leadership, the Meyer Foundation made significant progress in advancing new and innovative ways to address the root causes and systemic factors that lead to economic inequality and racial injustice. The Board of Directors recognized the need to take on this work, to build capacity to do the work, and to lead the organization through a fundamental shift in how we support the community.

Nicky’s commitment to the Meyer Foundation and racial equity has had a positive impact over the last 7 years. She was instrumental in getting the Meyer Foundation to have a bolder stance in adopting racial equity as a key strategy and that work continues today.

As the country and the region continue to grapple with disproportionate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic for people of color and challenge or confront issues rooted in systemic racism that prevent a multiracial healthy democracy, it is important for the Meyer Foundation to stay the course. Our board and executive leadership remain deeply committed to racial equity rooted in humanity and will remain focused on building power and economic justice in the Greater Washington region.