The Fund for Black-led Change at the Meyer Foundation Following our November announcement of the Fund for Black-led Change, a multi-million-dollar, multi-year commitment of core support to Black-led and Black-centered organizations in the Greater Washington region, we’re thrilled to formally share the announcement of the Fund’s director, Stephanie Sneed, and the inaugural cohort of partners

Sonia Quiñónez

Since 2018, the team at the Meyer Foundation and I have had the pleasure of learning from and with Virginia Partnerships and Strategy Director Sonia Quiñónez. To say it has been a pleasure to work with Sonia doesn’t quite capture what a wonderful colleague she has been over the past three years. In everything she

In January, I initiated conversations with the Meyer Board about stepping back from my role as President & CEO. My last day as President will be May 31.

We’re excited to share news about recent staff promotions and to announce the appointment of Faith P. Leach and Diego Uriburu to our board!

To promote an equitable and just path forward, the Meyer Foundation awarded $740,000 in project grants to 19 organizations working to create a racially just post-COVID region.

Today, we are announcing the Fund for Black-led Change, a $20 million commitment of core support to Black-led organizations in the Greater Washington region that are building power, advancing permanently organized communities, and transforming systems toward liberty, justice, and the pursuit of happiness for all.

Woman speaks at microphone during a protest

Earlier this summer Meyer awarded $1.18 million in general operating grants to 28 grantee partners whose work strongly aligns with our goal to change systems by building movements to advance racial equity and justice.

The COVID-19 virus does not discriminate — it can infect anyone. However, when an indiscriminate virus is unleashed in a country where racially unjust systems have long decided who lives, who dies, who thrives and who just gets by, the impact is anything but equal.

In the midst of this unprecedented public health and economic crisis, I want to share the Meyer Foundation’s response and how we are supporting our communities at this time.

As we navigate the uncertainties and anxiety of where we are and what lies ahead, we want you to know that you have our support.