Sonia Quiñónez to take on new role at Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, effective April 2 

March 22, 2021

Since 2018, the team at the Meyer Foundation and I have had the pleasure of learning from and with Virginia Partnerships and Strategy Director Sonia Quiñónez. To say it has been a pleasure to work with Sonia doesn’t quite capture what a wonderful colleague she has been over the past three years. In everything she does, Sonia brings her intelligence, humility, keen sense of strategy, incredible work ethic, and deep commitment to equity and justice. She has long been a passionate advocate for the well-being of communities and families in Northern Virginia, with a history of strong leadership in the area. She works with both her head and her heart and, without a doubt, she has helped to make Meyer a better funder and partner.

We are grateful for her significant contributions to developing our strategy and expanding our presence and relationships in the region, and for playing a leadership role in redesigning our grants application process and shaping our 2021 Just and Equitable COVID-19 Recovery work.

Sonia will step down, effective April 2. We will miss her and we wish her the best in her new role!

Below, learn more about Sonia’s exciting next steps:

Karen FitzGerald, Vice President for Community Partnerships & Learning

Dear friends and valued community partners,

The three years I’ve spent as part of the team at the Meyer Foundation have provided me with rich opportunities for learning with colleagues and community partners alike. The ability to serve as a liaison with Meyer’s Virginia and regional grantee partners has filled me with awe and gratitude for the work of committed organizers and visionary community leaders. I have also been challenged, strengthened, and supported by being in community with other funders who are interested in trust-based philanthropic approaches and motivated to collaborate on resourcing transformative systems change in this region and beyond.

After much reflection, I have accepted a position at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and will be working with the State Fiscal Policy team as Director of Strategic Grantmaking there.

The last year has been challenging for many in differing and disparate ways. For me, like many of you I suspect, the unique moment that 2020 represented prompted personal reflections about my own strengths and struggles, the needs I see in our region and nation, and a growing understanding of what role I could best play in light of my analysis. After much reflection, I have accepted a position at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and will be working with the State Fiscal Policy team as Director of Strategic Grantmaking there.

While my message happens to coincide with the announcement of Nicky Goren’s decision to step down as president and CEO of the Meyer Foundation, I share in her firm belief that Meyer’s strategy and core priorities are exactly where the organization should be focused at this moment. I am proud to have had a role in the strategy conversations that produced what I see as a strong, timely, and meaningful direction for the Foundation. I am confident that the incredibly committed and values-driven team at Meyer will lean even deeper into its evolution in partnership with community groups seeking transformative change toward equity and justice in this region.

I value the relationships I have formed over the last three years and I hope to stay connected. It has truly been a privilege to be able to partner with you. Serving in this role to support the work that Meyer’s grantee partners are sparking across this region has been incredibly gratifying and I am thankful for the opportunity.

I wish each of you good health, continued resilience, and strength of spirit for the work that lies ahead!

In solidarity,

Sonia Quiñónez