The 2020 census is rapidly approaching, determining where the government allocates tax dollars, resources for human services, the number of congressional seats that will prevail for the next 10 years, and more. A complete and accurate count demonstrates the best of our democracy and has the power to advance racial equity in our communities.

It is estimated that more than 55,000 individuals were undercounted in our region in 2010. With that many undercounted, the full picture of our communities and their needs cannot possibly be captured. For the 2020 census, as always, a complete and accurate count will be vital — particularly in underinvested communities of color:

-The count has historically missed disproportionate numbers of people of color and immigrants, as well as young children, low-income, and rural households.

-An undercount leads to under-representation in government and, thus, a lack of focus on and investment in the priorities and concerns of the undercounted.

-Federal funding for social service programs that stand to benefit the undercounted could be drastically reduced.

-Urgently needed businesses – like grocery stores – aren’t opened in neighborhoods that need them because the data don’t reflect the potential for sufficient demand.

The Meyer Foundation has partnered with several funders in the region seeking to support efforts to ensure a complete and accurate count in our region. Below, you’ll find resources that may be helpful in your own census outreach and engagement.


On June 6, 2019, a regional movement to #CountDMVIn was launched at the forum, Interventions That Work: 2020 Census & Hard-to-Reach Communities. Check out the kickoff video featuring community leaders below:

Additional Resources and Reading: