Meyer awards $1.18M in general operating grants to 28 grantee partners

July 30, 2020
by Karen FitzGerald, Vice President for Community Partnerships & Learning

More than three months ago, Meyer (along with 11 of our regional funder colleagues), pledged to make building the power of Black, Indigenous, Latinx and other people of color the cornerstone of our response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

To make this moral commitment a reality, earlier this summer Meyer awarded $1.18 million in general operating grants to 28 grantee partners whose work strongly aligns with our goal to change systems by building movements to advance racial equity and justice.

When we made that pledge in April, we already knew that a long list of systemic failures were resulting in our Black and Latinx neighbors being much more likely than our white neighbors to become infected with and die from COVID-19. Since then, the death and economic devastation wrought by the pandemic have disproportionately affected communities of color. The inequities of the systems we all typically rely on to carry us through a crisis — from public health to paid leave to the social safety net — have been exposed and their failures are now glaringly visible.

In selecting grantee partners for this support, we are making our largest grants to people of color-led organizations whose primary strategy is building power through organizing. We are also supporting policy advocates (in particular, coalitions and the anchor organizations that convene them) that are addressing inequities and systems failures that have been further exposed by COVID-19. Beyond weathering tough times, our goal in making these general operating support grants is to ensure that these organizations are able to emerge from the immediate crisis stronger and better positioned to carry out the work and lead our region toward a vision of a new future.

Everything we’ve seen and experienced since the start of the pandemic — more than 150,000 deaths from COVID-19, more than 30 million people unemployed (both disproportionately impacting Black, Latinx, and other communities of color), and widespread protests for racial justice and the Black Lives Matter movement following the murders of Ahmaud Arbury, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and too many others — has only reinforced our pre-pandemic commitment to changing systems.

Whether they are pushing to include undocumented immigrants in government-sponsored relief programs, protect renters as eviction moratoriums are lifted around the region, or ensure a racially equitable budget and rebuild, what unites these 28 organizations is their deep commitment to reimagining systems and investing the time, energy, and resources to build those systems. We stand in solidarity with these organizations as they work to build movements for racial justice that will transform systems that will help all to thrive.


OrganizationAmountGrant PurposeGeographic Area
Advocates for Justice and Education$40,000to support general operationsDistrict of Columbia
Bread for the City$50,000to support advocacy and organizing workDistrict of Columbia
CASA$50,000to support general operationsMaryland
Centreville Immigration Forum$40,000to support general operationsVirginia
Coalition for Nonprofit Housing and Economic Development$10,000to support general operationsDistrict of Columbia
Commonwealth Institute for Fiscal Analysis$30,000to support general operationsVirginia
DC Jobs With Justice$40,000to support general operationsDistrict of Columbia
Defending Rights and Dissent$30,000to support general operations of the Justice for Muslims CollectiveWashington Metropolitan Area
Empower DC$50,000to support general operationsDistrict of Columbia
First Shift Justice Project$40,000to support general operationsDistrict of Columbia
Identity$50,000to support general operationsMaryland
IMPACT Silver Spring$50,000to support general operationsMaryland
Latino Economic Development Center$50,000to support general operationsWashington Metropolitan Area
Legal Aid Justice Center$30,000to support general operationsVirginia
Many Languages One Voice$50,000to support general operationsDistrict of Columbia
Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition$30,000to support general operationsMaryland
National Korean American Service and Education Consortium$40,000to support general operations in Northern VirginiaVirginia
New Virginia Majority Education Fund$50,000to support general operationsVirginia
Nonprofit Montgomery$30,000to support COVID-19 related nonprofit advocacy and organizingMaryland
ONE DC$50,000to support general operationsDistrict of Columbia
Prince George's Leadership Action Network$80,000to support general operationsMaryland
Progressive Maryland Education Fund$40,000to support general operationsMaryland
Restaurant Opportunities Centers United$40,000to support general operations of ROC-DCDistrict of Columbia
Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs$50,000to support general operations of Racial Justice NOW!Maryland
Social Good Fund$50,000to support the Fair Budget CoalitionDistrict of Columbia
Tenants and Workers United$40,000to support general operationsVirginia
Trabajadores Unidos de Washington DC$40,000to support general operationsDistrict of Columbia
Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless$30,000to support general operationsDistrict of Columbia