The Fund for Black-led Change

Black-led organizing — which centers the leadership and experiences of Black people — is core to building a strong, multi-racial democracy.

At the Meyer Foundation, we're resourcing local Black-led partners as they grow their organizations, build enduring and sustainable infrastructure; deeper, wider bases of support and power; and better and just systems that will benefit all people.
Over the next five years, we're committing $20 million in deep, multi-year core support to Black-led organizations to support the strengthening of the infrastructure and sustainability of Black-led movements building power to change communities and the region.
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Updates on the Fund for Black-led Change

One Year Later: The Fund for Black-led Change

Director for the Fund for Black-led Change Stephanie Sneed shares updates on the Fund one year since the Meyer Foundation announced the commitment and introduces the two newest grantee partner organizations to join.

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Stephanie Sneed announced as Director for the Fund for Black-led Change

Meyer Foundation board and staff announce Stephanie Sneed as Director for the Fund for Black-led Change.

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Announcing the inaugural cohort for the Fund for Black-led Change

Following our 2020 announcement of the Fund for Black-led Change, we're thrilled to formally share the initial cohort of current Meyer Foundation grantee partners that will receive core support as a part of the Fund.

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Announcing the Fund for Black-led Change

In November 2020, we announced the Fund for Black-led Change, a $20 million commitment of core support to Black-led organizations in Greater Washington building power, advancing permanently organized communities, and transforming systems toward liberty, justice, and the pursuit of happiness for all.

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More about the Fund for Black-led Change

We believe that everyone stands to benefit when Black people and communities are invested in, but most importantly, that Black-led movements and communities deserve the resources of which they have been continually robbed. By resourcing Black communities and leadership, we aim to support the development of permanently organized communities, in which systemic solutions can create the conditions for everyone to thrive.


Organizations selected for the Fund for Black-led Change must be both Black-led and Black-centered to be eligible.

In a Black-led organization:

  •  The executive director, highest-paid staff, or the equivalent, identify as a Black person;
  • At least 66% of staff identify as Black; and
  • At least 51% of the board, steering committee, or other leadership body and volunteers in leadership positions identify as Black

In a Black-centered organization:

  • The work is grounded in the belief that all Black lives matter. There is a holistic, intersectional approach that values the various, multiple identities and communities where Black people exist and recognizes their layered experiences of injustice.
  • The primary focus of the work is to secure changes at the personal, community, policy, and/or institutional level for the benefit of Black people, and all people
  • There is commitment to strategically and intentionally build the power of Black communities.
  • The strategies and activities prioritize culturally relevant practices.

In 2021 through early 2022, we will seek to expand the cohort of partners resourced through the Fund for Black-led Change. Eligible organizations interested in receiving resources through this Fund should submit an Interest Form, as they would do to apply for any type of funding from the Meyer Foundation. There is no separate application for the Fund for Black-led Change: should your organization fit the criteria for the Fund, we will notify you. We accept and review Interest Form submissions on a rolling basis. More information on submitting an Interest Form can be found on the How to Apply section on our Grantmaking page of our website.

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