I believe that every one of us has the right to live a life of dignity, joy, and health. I am inspired by those whose voices have been systematically unheard, who challenge dominant systems, narratives, and power structures to claim their rightful places. I am driven by the example set by my immigrant parents and other People of the Global Majority who choose to embrace challenges in order to increase opportunities for future generations. As a life-long resident of DC and the DC area, I am committed to bridging the racial wealth, education, health, housing, and criminal enforcement gaps that plague the Washington metropolitan region.

As the DC Director for Partnerships and Strategy, I am compelled to maintain authentic, trust-based relationships with frontline organizations; supporting the people who run and staff these organizations by mobilizing resources to fund power building and systems change work. These resources make it possible for those impacted by racist, xenophobic, and anti-poor policies to take the lead in challenging dominant narratives and policies. I’m humbled to be part of a dynamic team of thought partners, and play a part towards lasting, sustainable change to the material conditions of the most systemically oppressed communities in DC.

Prior to my role at Meyer, I served as the Executive Director of a nonprofit organization named Many Languages One Voice. While in this role, I supported DC residents who don’t speak English as their dominant language in leading campaigns to transform the District’s policies in the education, health, and labor sectors. My role in this work led to the enforcement of existing protective policies at DC Council, as well as the adoption of several new ones, and changed the narrative at crucial times over the last 15 years regarding immigrant communities and language justice in DC. This work has reinforced my understanding that only solutions that are created with us and about us are for us.

I joined the Meyer Foundation in 2024.


I am rooted in