I believe that good nonprofit operations can change the world. Every process, every policy, every purchase is a chance to create positive change. I aim to ensure that every aspect of the Meyer Foundation’s operations serves our mission and values.

As the Operations Director for the Foundation, I wear a variety of hats. In essence, I’m the person staff can turn to when they have questions or need help getting things done! I ensure that our technology, facilities, administrative practices, and human resource functions are operating smoothly. I also manage internal projects aimed at continuously improving our infrastructure and operations. No two workdays are the same. You might find me at a white board drafting project plans or under a desk setting up a new computer. I make sure we have what we need to do our best work.

Prior to joining the Foundation, I was an activist and organizer, focused mainly on public health and inequity based on gender, race, sexuality, and class. My background is in sociology; I’m interested in understanding and dismantling the systems used to oppress the many for the benefit of the few. When Meyer took on racial equity as a priority, it felt like coming home. Being at Meyer, transitioning into the role of operations, and discovering project management as a talent have given me the opportunity and tools to combine what I’m good at (getting stuff done), with my passion (equity).

I joined the Foundation in 2010.


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