I am inspired by the resilience, fortitude, and vision of my ancestors. Both my maternal and paternal grandparents migrated from the South to the Midwest in the 1960s to flee the violence and oppression of the Jim Crow South and for an opportunity at economic prosperity for their families. The foresight of my grandparents and movement leaders of the past has instilled in me a belief that I, too, have a role to play in making the world around me better for the generations that will come hereafter.

I contribute to the communities the Meyer Foundation serves by leading our Community Partnerships & Strategy (CP&S) team to mobilize resources to grassroots community organizations working to change oppressive systems, policies, and structures that have created, perpetuated, and maintain racism and oppression disproportionately for people of the global majority in the region and beyond. Our team works to build transformational relationships with our grantee partners by centering and amplifying their work, eliminating barriers to resources, building organizational and community capacity, and convening similarly aligned organizations to share, learn, and grow together in coalition.

Before joining the Meyer Foundation, I served as the first Race and Social Equity Officer for the City of Alexandria, Virginia where I learned the importance of collective strategizing to combat white dominant culture and operations within government systems. Alongside committed staff and community, we were able to create a series of tools and resources that local government and community can use to embed racial and social equity in decision making. This role taught me that to be radical means to address root causes and that requires infrastructure and an ethos that all people are worthy.

I joined the Meyer Foundation in 2023.


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