I am inspired by the Meyer Foundation’s long-term commitment to racial equity, which – as a woman of color in the Greater Washington region – is also a commitment to me. I’m encouraged by efforts to move beyond addressing symptoms of inequity and focusing more intently on root causes that create inequity in our communities.

As the Foundation’s Chief Operating Officer, I am responsible for operationalizing our vision and ensuring collaboration to achieve the Foundation’s goals. I work to establish and cultivate our internal policies and procedures, organizational development, and culture. Additionally, I work alongside the Foundation’s senior leaders to set the strategic direction of the Foundation.

Outside of this role, I am moved by a sense of service to the community –whether through my church, public service organizations to which I belong, or other places I’ve worked. In my previous role as the Director of Finance at the Consumer Health Foundation, I learned that philanthropy can propel catalytic change in communities. As the former Chief Financial Officer at the Freddie Mac Foundation, I learned that as strong as the philanthropic sector can be, problems in our community cannot be solved by philanthropy alone; instead, they require all of us working together beyond our silos. I am deeply motivated by the people that I have the opportunity to work with who bring such passion to this work. I am energized by the deep commitment of my colleagues to help create a more equitable region.

I joined the Foundation in 2013.


I am rooted in