I believe that each of us has a responsibility and power to help create the type of world we wish to live in; one that we are proud to hand down to future generations. In pursuit of that goal, I have worked in the nonprofit sector for nearly 20 years. Most of my prior work was in public health, but that work always intersected with equity and justice.

As Grants Manager at the Meyer Foundation, I support internal processes to ensure responsiveness, center user experience, and reduce burden when possible. I hope to support effective, insightful data collection to help Meyer meet its goals and share those learnings with grantees and the wider community.

My prior work in nonprofit operations and development put me in close coordination with every part of the organizations I’ve served, and helped me understand nonprofit needs, power dynamics within our sector, and the ways we can improve the field with a focus on trust and long-term gains. In recent years, I’ve held positions at Grantmakers In Health, Enroll America, the Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs, and FHI360.

I joined the Meyer Foundation in 2022.


I am rooted in