Meyer Staff Says Goodbye to Julie Rogers

June 23, 2014
Rick Moyers

Today the Meyer Foundation’s staff had a farewell lunch with our president, Julie Rogers — the last in a series of ceremonial moments to honor Julie as she steps down after 28 years of service.

One perspective missing from the public announcements and celebrations of Julie’s tenure has been that of our staff. We had the opportunity today to let Julie know how much we appreciate her, but we never got to tell the world.

As president of the Meyer Foundation, Julie set a tone of rigor and professionalism, balanced with graciousness, compassion, and empathy. These qualities were reflected in the Foundation’s work and her relationships with each of us.

Julie pushed us to do excellent work, but also urged us to take care of ourselves and our families. She made sure we remained grounded in the needs of our community, and that we were always mindful of the enormous challenges facing nonprofit leaders.

Very few leaders have Julie’s ability to consider issues of policy and strategy at the highest levels while also attending carefully to the small details of running an organization. She valued each staff member, regardless of his or her place on the organizational hierarchy.

The Julie Rogers seen by those outside the organization — smart, caring, and compassionate — is the same person we had the privilege of working for every day. Julie laughs easily and often. She cares deeply about people, and nurturing relationships. And she believes in doing things as they ought to be done.

Whether we worked with Julie for many years or a few months, her values and example have left an indelible imprint on each of us. It has been an honor and a privilege to work with Julie. We will miss her, and we wish her many more years of health and happiness.