Meyer Foundation CEO Search Announcement

December 18, 2013

The Meyer Foundation has begun the search for a CEO to succeed its current president, Julie L. Rogers, who will step down in 2014 after leading the Foundation since 1986.

The mission of the Meyer Foundation is to identify and invest in visionary leaders and effective community-based nonprofit organizations that are working to create lasting improvements in the lives of low-income people in the Washington, DC metropolitan region. The Foundation also seeks to strengthen the region’s nonprofit sector as a vital and respected partner in meeting community needs.

The Foundation’s approach, for nearly 70 years, has been to provide support for extraordinary nonprofit leaders and their organizations, to listen to those leaders, and to adapt the Foundation’s work as new challenges arise for nonprofits and the people they serve. Beginning in 2012, a new strategic framework is guiding the Foundation’s work and bringing additional focus to its longstanding commitment to achieving lasting positive change for low-income people in the DC region.

The work of the Foundation extends beyond grant making. Meyer’s program staff are deeply invested in the success and effectiveness of the organizations the Foundation supports. Program officers often provide technical assistance on management and program issues and help connect grantees with potential partners and supporters. The Foundation also works collaboratively with other grant makers to address important community issues, and uses its resources and voice to highlight the critical role of the region’s nonprofit sector and its leaders. Meyer’s new president will be a thoughtful and innovative leader who will continue the Foundation’s forward-thinking approach to philanthropy. Recognizing Meyer’s role as a convener of the region’s civic and philanthropic community, and a catalyst for action, the president will have the experience to leverage the power of networks and relationships to work cross-sector to address the challenges facing nonprofit leaders and the people they serve.

The president’s deep understanding of community needs and the nonprofit sector will be reflected in a sincere empathy for nonprofit leaders. The president will appreciate the investment needed to support well-managed and sustainable organizations that can demonstrate their impact and become anchors of their communities.

The president will lead a seasoned, committed staff and work closely with a diverse board of community leaders to ensure the success and effectiveness of the organizations the Foundation supports.

The McCormick Group has been engaged to handle the search. Direct inquiries, confidential expressions of interest or referrals should be directed to The McCormick Group at meyerfoundationceo@tmg-dc.com.