Maegan Scott to Step Down from the Meyer Foundation

August 14, 2017
Nicky Goren

Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Partners:

Several weeks ago, Maegan informed me that she had received an offer that she could not refuse, one that will allow her to build on her recent master’s degree in organization development and delve deeper into the field of OD, both locally and nationally. I had, as you can imagine, immediate mixed emotions—on the one hand, I am so, so happy for Maegan, and on the other hand, so sad for Meyer.

Maegan joined the Foundation nearly 10 years ago and has, as she put it in her message, grown up at Meyer—personally and professionally. She has served in numerous roles at the Foundation—starting out as a temporary executive assistant and advancing from program assistant, to communications officer, to program officer. In each of these roles she excelled, delivered on the mission, made a difference, and made herself invaluable. In the last year and half, Maegan has been my key partner as the Meyer Foundation shifted to focus squarely on racial equity. We would not be where we are in this work but for her leadership—I am truly forever grateful.

Maegan’s departure, during a time of deep change for this organization is, without question, a challenging moment for the Foundation. However, it is also part of the life cycle of an organization like ours, which has been blessed to have such a dedicated group of staff who have stayed with us for so long. In the long run, I view the transitions we’ve experienced this year as an opportunity we can lean into as we reshape the Foundation to embrace and live into our new mission. I expect to be launching a search for several open positions within the next few weeks. In the interim, if you have questions about a grant or project that was in Maegan’s portfolio, please reach out to Shana Silver on our team and she will make sure you are connected with the right person.

As I have found in my own career, when a door opens and you feel it’s the right door, you need to walk through it. I am so proud of the leader Maegan has become during her nine years at Meyer and her many contributions to the Foundation, to the sector, and to the region. I have no doubt that this is the right door for her, and that she is going on to do great things.