A New Adventure

November 14, 2017
Maegan Scott

Dear Friends and Colleagues—

With so many emotions, I’m writing to let you know that I am stepping down from my role at the Meyer Foundation. My last day on staff will be August 25. This decision, as you can imagine, wasn’t arrived at easily (in fact, it was made tearfully and over the course of several months). Leaving Meyer is nothing like merely leaving a job. For me, the Meyer Foundation has been home for the past nine years, and my colleagues are family.

Yet, we all know that there is a kind of seasonality to organizations—folks come and go. I finished my master’s earlier this year and I’ve received an incredible offer to deepen my experience in the field of organization development. So, with a full and heavy heart—but also with my Meyer family rooting behind me—I am setting off on a new adventure.

I am incredibly proud of what the Meyer Foundation has accomplished—and the impact the Foundation will continue to have—and all I have been fortunate to have been a part of these past nine years. I also couldn’t have asked to work for more remarkable leaders than Julie Rogers, Rick Moyers, and Nicky Goren. They, along with the current Meyer team and treasured Meyer alumni, watched me grow up over the better part of a decade. While at the Foundation, I got married, bought my first house, joined my first of what became many nonprofit boards, got promoted a handful of times, and went to graduate school. And as the Meyer staff and board have grown and changed over the years, I, too, have grown and changed—simply by learning from and working with some of the best human beings I know.

All of you (nonprofit leaders, funder colleagues, consultants to the sector, fellow board members, friends) have played so many pivotal roles during my time at Meyer. I have been fueled by your passion and unrelenting dedication to social change. Working with you has sharpened my conviction for justice. You have taught me perseverance, hope, and what it means to serve with authenticity and love. I carry every single one of you in my heart.

Meyer has a tendency to keep family members close, so this isn’t goodbye. I hope you keep in touch. The best way to reach me after August 25 is at maegan.scott(at)gmail.com.


Photo: ©Rebecca Emily Drobis