A Meyer Staff Update: Amy Nakamoto

May 13, 2017
Amy Nakamoto

With mixed emotions, I’ve made the decision to transition from the Meyer Foundation to accept a position with another organization. I have deep respect for the work we do, and in my role as a program officer have had the privilege of engaging in important conversations with grantees, colleagues in philanthropy, and in the broader community around affordable housing, employment and education, and financial stability. I’ve broadened my network of DC-area leaders I admire to include talented and thoughtful executive directors leading our grantee and prospective grantee organizations.

Particularly in Northern Virginia, I’ve delved deeper into the assets and opportunities that exist when quality organizations, funders, and government come together to explore what most positively impacts community. And I have been fortunate to have personal and professional passions intersect as Meyer leans into its role as a regional funder with a focus on racial equity.

As a former grantee when I was the executive director of DC SCORES, I always felt that Meyer’s approach to nonprofits was thoughtful and that the team here understood the pressures of running an organization and the opportunities that could be realized with investments in capacity. This has all been validated. My colleagues care deeply about our grantees, are committed to thinking beyond just an exchange of dollars, and are actively working to leverage the role of Meyer in strategic ways that build a more equitable community. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have been part of the Meyer team.

Friday, May 12 will be my last day. If you have questions about current grants or partnerships with Meyer, please contact my colleague Shana Silver. For those who’d like to stay in touch, you can follow me on Twitter or find me on LinkedIn.