Meyer Foundation 2024 Strategic Refresh

February 1, 2024

The Meyer Foundation has launched a Strategic Refresh that will take place through August of 2024. Over the past several years, the Foundation has dedicated itself to the pursuit of a Greater Washington where systemic racism and its consequences no longer exist. The Foundation supports organizations that are building power and transforming systems to achieve this vision. These core commitments will not change. While in this strategy recalibration, Meyer will continue to resource organizations; the quarterly grant cycle will continue as it has in past years.

Strategic Priorities

The Refresh is aimed at refining Meyer’s 2020 strategic priorities, which include:

INVESTING IN MOVEMENTS: Investing in movements that build leadership and power in the communities most affected by racial inequity.

INFLUENCING PEERS: Leverage Meyer’s power to continue influencing investment in racial equity, movement building, and systems change.

BUILDING BRIDGES: Building bridges across silos and sectors to develop more comprehensive, cross-sector solutions for racial equity in our goal areas.

MISSION & VALUE ALIGNMENT: Continue to build an operating infrastructure that centers equity and aligns our operations with our values.

In addition to engaging internally, the Foundation is committed to engaging grantee partners, peer philanthropy and the regional community to ensure their strengths, needs and aspirations are centered and accounted for as the strategy is refined. The Foundation is partnering with NOOR Consulting to facilitate and shepherd the process.

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