The Meyer Foundation is proud to be a member of Resourcing Radical Justice, a funders collective centering Black liberation as the path to a thriving Greater Washington region.

Today, we are announcing the Fund for Black-led Change, a $20 million commitment of core support to Black-led organizations in the Greater Washington region that are building power, advancing permanently organized communities, and transforming systems toward liberty, justice, and the pursuit of happiness for all.

Cover art from PEAK Grantmaking Journal’s Fall 2020 issue by Celeste Byers for amplifier.org.

Our Grants Director and PEAK Grantmaking Board Member, Jane Robinson Ward, was recently invited to serve as co-guest editor of the PEAK Grantmaking Journal’s Fall 2020 issue, focused on reimagining grantmaking.

Organizers, advocates, and the philanthropies that aim to support them are faced with difficult choices when the needs and injustices around us are so many, so deep, and so crucial. Do you…

There is often outcry about the Black Lives Matter Movement and it’s perceived preoccupation with state violence over intracommunity violence that causes so much death and pain in our communities. There are a few myths that need to be debunked in this conversation…

Our community partners and grantee partners inspire us every day. In the midst of a global pandemic, ongoing racial injustice and unrest, along with general economic uncertainty for many, our partners have only leaned in closer to uncover the opportunities that could emerge out of these crises and to amplify the voices of the people, to make their demands heard.

White people, we have work to do. I have work to do.

The COVID-19 virus does not discriminate — it can infect anyone. However, when an indiscriminate virus is unleashed in a country where racially unjust systems have long decided who lives, who dies, who thrives and who just gets by, the impact is anything but equal.

Screenshot that reads: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak

In the midst of this unprecedented public health and economic crisis, I want to share the Meyer Foundation’s response and how we are supporting our communities at this time.

After a year of talking and testing with grantee partners, researching other foundation practices, staff design sessions, software migrations, and conversations with our board, I am thrilled to share an improved approach to how we make grants at Meyer.